"I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful ceremony! We just got married on June 25th... We moved our wedding up 4 months, put it together two months before the ceremony and were worried that we wouldn't have someone to marry us, but Eva was fantastic in working with us, setting us up with Mylene and making us feel like everything would be okay. Eva did a wonderful job communicating everything to us, making us feel comfortable and making sure that our ceremony was personalized to our liking. Mylene was very professional and handled the heat and our ceremony location extremely well. The way she spoke the words was so touching (made me cry!) and made our day so special. It was a day that my husband and I will not forget and we owe it all to A Perfect Fit Rev!" ~ Mrs. Abby Schmidt

Rev. Mylene de Almeida Lima

Meet Rev. Mylene de Almeida Lima! Rev. Mylene is a wedding officiant that has over six joyful years of experience under her belt in marrying couples. Aside from being an officiant, she is a wife and a mother. Rev. Mylene also works fulltime as a Senior Executive Assistant at a reputable pharmaceutical company. She is a graduate of Faculdade de Educaçᾶo Fisica de Santos, Brazil (University of Physical Education in Santos, Brazil) and VillaNova University, Florida (Human Resources Management). 

An added plus to Rev. Mylene's abilities is she speaks fluent English, Spanish and Portuguese; bi-lingual ceremonies are her specialty. She assists A Perfect Fit Rev part-time during the weekends mostly, and some weeknights. Rev. Mylene prefers to officiate closer to home, which is in Lake County, Illinois; but will travel further distances, depending on her schedule, even into Wisconsin. Bookings with Rev. Mylene will be done through A Perfect Fit Rev. 

Rev. Mylene has many years in working closely with people and is sensitive and caring to the clients' needs. She takes pride and feels great satisfaction in doing a job well done. She loves to keep busy outside of work, and what better way to do just that than by doing what brings her happiness, as well as others, and marrying couples who are very much in love and sending them off to a life of joy and adventure as husband and wife, wives, or husbands. Rev. Mylene is a confident, poised lady, who you would be pleased with having officiate your wedding ceremony.

Rev. Mylene with some of the many couples she's had the pleasure of marrying...

One of Chicago's 5-Star wedding officiants devoting herself full-time making YOU her #1 priority, as an open and affirming wedding officiant; no need to look any further for the one and only perfect fit Reverend in Winnetka, Glenview, Vernon Hills, Northbrook, Wheeling, Lincolnshire, St. Charles, DeKalb, Harvard, Rockford and Rockton.

Let me introduce myself, so you may get to know me better. My name is Éva LaRoche, and I am an ordained minister and wedding officiant in Chicago and the Chicagoland area and sole owner of A Perfect Fit Rev. I am the wife of a wonderful man for the past 29 years, a mother of two lovely young adult children and have been many different things in between. The 'in between' things have contributed to my vast experience in writing and speaking in front of large audiences on and off camera and is the reason why I am highly capable of officiating all types of ceremonies - wedding, vow renewal and elopement ceremony to name a few.

From a very early age when I was a child, my father had taught me how to orate poems. I would stand before audiences in our Hungarian community reciting with a fervor and animation that came from the heart. The many years cultivating this talent resulted in a gift for writing my own poems. Also, I performed in short plays that were put on during holiday events. These experiences developed into writing lectures about health related topics, where I would then conduct seminars for groups of 75-250 people.

This then led to my experiences with guest co-hosting on a local cable access television program called "Views of the News" which airs monthly, and eventually, landed me my very own show entitled "H.E.A.L.—Healthy Eating, Alternative Living." During this program, I would interview the invited guests about their profession and knowledge related to health issues; guests ranged from medical doctors to yoga instructors. Some episodes involved my leading an exercise program for the viewers. Today, I am still invited to guest co-host from time to time on "Views of the News," and if you are at all curious to see me in action, follow this link to watch the March, 2012 show. It's a fun show! http://vimeo.com/38001262 

My writing talent expanded into different areas over the years for which I was called to write and read eulogies at funerals for those who have gone on before us. After one of the eulogy readings, the priest was so amazed and stated, "In all of my 40+ years as a priest, I have never heard a eulogy as riveting as this one." It even brought tears to his eyes. I would end each eulogy with a personalized poem about their dearly departed loved one.

After having the honor of giving eulogies, it has brought me to a place, where I have a strong desire to do more with my enthusiasm for celebrating people in a positive light as well. As important as your wedding day is to you, that's all the more reason it's important to me. In my opinion, the ceremony is THE most important part of your wedding day. Without it, there would be no marriage and no cause for celebration afterward. I hold my duty as an officiant in the highest regard, and I never take it for granted when a couple chooses me to officiate their ceremony. I'm always honored and consider it a great privilege to be invited to participate in one of the most important days of a couple's life by marrying them.

Being an officiant of weddings, vow renewals, commitment ceremonies, etc. is a rewarding experience, not only because I am helping to bring happiness into other people's lives, but it's giving me the greatest personal benefit—my continued spiritual growth. This is what guides me every step of the way from preparing the ceremony to officiating it on your special day. Have no doubt that I am capable of delivering what you expect of me and the ceremony we will create together.

Among the services I offer is performing baptisms or welcoming ceremonies for babies, young children and even adults. Here are a couple of quotes that reflect the meanings of these two time honored traditions...

"...baptism is your personal testimony to, and the inward assurance of, your passage from the old life to the new life."~ Dr. Ray Pritchard

"In welcoming and naming a child, we celebrate one of life's continuing miracles, the birth of a human being and the continuation of humankind."~ Humanist

And so, here I am with open arms joyfully offering my services to you as an ordained minister and wedding officiant available in Chicago and the Chicagoland suburbs as well as bordering states along with my associate officiant...

Chicago and Chicagoland wedding officiants...

Reverend Éva LaRoche

Hello! Welcome to my site!!! I'm so excited to have you here and hope you'll take some time to peruse all my pages. Please be sure to do so after reading this page—you may be pleasantly surprised. If not, then that’s okay too, as we are all different with various ideas appealing to our individual tastes. First, I'd like to congratulate you both on your engagement and upcoming wedding. This is certainly an exciting time and will be more so, the closer we get to your wedding day!

I don't know about you, but I REALLY like to have fun. If you're the type of couple that likes to be playful and have boatloads of fun too, then I invite you to come play with me on your journey to your wedding day. Together, we'll be creating perfect memories to look back on for a lifetime!!!